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I have looked at their website and emailed them yet no response yet. Does anyone know what we are allowed to bring into the venue? Blankets, water, camera etc? We have lawn seats (space!).

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They'll let you bring a blanket, but no food/water, even if it's sealed.  Expect to be throughly searched going in.
You definitely cannot bring in even an EMPTY water bottle (they threw mine out).  If you ask me it's highly irresponsible to deny bringing your own water to drink.  I kept one of my beer cups and went to the washroom to fill with water and there is only HOT water available and no taps or fountains anywhere.  They give prisoners water but the MCA makes you pay for it!  It should be a crime really - I mean there were kids and seniors there and the line-up and cost prohibited many people from getting the water you need on such a hot evening.
We kept the plastic wine glasses from the lakeside bar to use in our trailer. When they went to search me I opened up my knapsack and the glasses went all over! sorry to those behind me but apparently that was reason enough to do everything except a cavity search . Thank god

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