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Detroit Jimmy Buffett Concert, July 28, 2012 Note: almost immediate turnaround time.

The majority of the clubs wanted tickets in the $129.00 USD seats, so that is what we requested from PHiP.
PHiP needs to know by tomorrow, April 25. 
You are responsible to pay for the number of tickets you request. if you request 2 tickets, you need to pay for 2 tickets. If something should happen and you cannot attend the concert, let Dan know ASAP and we will try to help you move your tickets to another member. If we can not find your tickets a PHiP-approved home you need to pay for the ticket.
Please send your ticket request with COMERICA TICKETS in the subject line. Dan will reply back to you to confirm that he received your request.

I (Derek) will coordinate payment, which means you need to send me the money, so I can get it to Dan before the first week of June, sometime.

The amount you owe is the number of tickets requested times 129.00 USD. Make checks and money orders made payable to the Toronto Maple Reefers, and we will trans-ship the money to the Detroit Parrot Head Club.  Tickets will be mailed to Derek, and you should receive them 2-3 weeks before the concert.

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Club tickets are only available to paid-up members of a PHIP-sanctioned club.  To receive tickets for the Detroit concert (or any other one that might pop up) you must be a full PHC member.

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