Ola Phellow members. I hope you're all well. I guess I should introduce myself to some of you who I have yet to meet. It has been a while since we've had an opportunity to share in the pleasure of each others company and meet new friends.

Norm Marshall, aka Piratenorm (and onetime Frankenparrot!) last remaining original founding member (along with my wife Dolores Leclerc -aka Doe Dancer.) Like old fashions, kinda like Hawaiian shirts being in fashion in the 50's, then resurging in the 70's, again in the 2000's...I am back on the board, as the 2022 Vice-President. And proud to be. Especially since it was 20 years ago this year that a small but dedicated group of just 7 of us put their backs into starting the TMRPHC.

So that aside, I'd like to announce that if all goes well and Covid truly is something we can live with, friend of the club Musician Extraordinaire Jack Mosley will be performing a House Concert (delayed since 2020 thanks to Covid) here at our home in Midland, Ontario, either Sat. the 30th or Sunday the 31st of July. Jack is still firming up his summer tour schedule so confirmation will be forthcoming once that's inked in.

As it's the weekend of August 1st it makes traveling from either day less of a hassle, we living here in cottage-country and all. Travel won't be such a nightmare.

Like all House Concerts there will be an entry-fee involved, with all funds going to the Musician. Raffles for our chosen Charity will of course take place and the usual a Pot-Luck as well. BYOB, BYO Lawn Chairs, Blankets, whatever. I'll set out the sprinkler if anyone wants to channel their inner child.

Stay tuned for more details and confirmation on the firm date and time. Meanwhile know that the club will return to normal functions as soon as health concerns permit.

Cheers. Bring On Springtime! 

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  • Aloha PirateNorm and Doe Dancer;

    I am an new(ish) TMLPC member (for the past two years) and so excited that events are able to get going again in Ontario-FINGERS CROSSED!!

    I also want to let you know that I am a Professional DJ and Audio/Visual technician by trade and would love to offer my skills to the club.  I love TropRock music (and JB of course) and would love to provide recorded music for club events such as the Jack Mosley concert you have planned this coming summer. I am currently not booked for that weekend.  I can also provide a complete PA (pro speakers, mics, mixer etc) for these events if you need.  I DJ all over Canada and the US at weekenders, concerts, clubs, weddings, corporate events etc etc etc.  It is great to have great sounding recorded music between band sets and other points throughout an event

    I would love to be able to participate and help the club in this capacity if needed.  Let me know what you think.

    cheers, and phins up

    [dj]SwankyParrot :)





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