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  • All done- we are members once again!

  • just filled it out and sent it back to Kirsten! 

  • Barefoot'n
    I know now that I am getting old. I misread the question and I am embarrassed to say I never heard of the term Trop Rocker. I had read it as Top Rocker and thought it a strange question. I changed my answer although I know that it now shows a raggae singer I always thought that Jimmy was one of kind and never really got into anyone else in his style. I am not only old but I am stuck in Algeria and really out of the loop. Maybe I can catch up when I get back only 18 months and 26 days left here not that I am counting. sorry. Cheers.
  • As I recall the question asked "Who besides Jimmy Buffett...." so if the category fits Jimmy then good old Bob would fit in too. However as I recall I saw an interview with him in the mid sixties. It was hilarious all the reporters wearing suits and ties interview Dylan looking like Dylan. One question was

    "You have recorded so many songs some were folk, some country and some rock and roll. How would you categorize yourself?"

    "Actually I've always thought of myself as more of a song and dance man."

    So perhaps your right. Fred Astair move over.
    Cheers, Tim
  • Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the note. I joined as a family a couple of years ago, but didn't realize it was an annual deal. My mistake. Yes, please sign me up!!

    What do we need to do to proceed?


  • The tickets were $130 for the lower bowl and $84 for the upper bowl. Quite frankly the location - regular seats about the 12th row seemed a little high but that was supposedly the best seats available at the time. Not sure if the floor seats - that are available tomorrow on ticketmaster will be more but I would think they would be better than mine - I am just happy to have tickets and be in the same building with the rest of the parrot heads.

    I look forward to meeting your group on a Phriday soon.

  • Come on , you got to be more original than that.
    The snowbird line is old!
  • I am part of a group that has seasons tickets at the ACC so I get these emails periodically. Floor seats were NOT part of the presale. Got some decent seats in the lower bowl about "centre Ice".
  • Thanks for the email. I am moving to TO in December. Just thought people would like to know about the ticket details. Got mine yesterday in a presale!!!!
  • hmmmm.apparently...by 1pm sunday, the picture was "no longer on the camera" but he wanted to know "who put the date rape drug in his drink" and "after that much fun...I'm joining the TMRPC"...later that night when we phoned to make sure they got home safe....he slept through his 2 hour cardio session in the afternoon with "To-mas"and later that day caught a flight to newfoundland (where they don't have bathtubs apparently to sleep in)....to be continued...........i think we have "new" members
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