Sep 11
20 years ago today, on 11 Sept. 2002, Parrotheads in Paradise granted membership status to the Toronto Maple Reefers PHC. And just like that, we were officially the 184th Chapter in the world!
It was a reason to celebrate, and to start the future of the club...but not one year after Sept. 11th in NYC.
So we chose our Grand Kickoff party to be 4 October at a bar on Queen Street East called The Paradise Pub (if memory serves) and we were off to the races. The membership drive that night was a huge success, as was the food drive, and we received a full page 6 write-up in The Toronto Sun!
20 years of Phirst Phridays and charity events, at many locations, with many members who have stayed the course, some who have come and gone, and a few we lost, and we are still here, a vibrant, community minded club of friends. And despite our mandate of Partying With A Purpose being on hold for the last couple of years by world events, we will carry on and Party Again As We Were Meant!
I am proud of what we as a club have accomplished, the many thousands of dollars and tons of food donations we've raised for charity, the miles of beaches we've cleaned, events we have hosted or participated in, and the role I and my fellow Phounders played.
I look forward to seeing many of you in Key West, where my wife Doe Dancer and I will attend as proud members of TMRPHC. And the Christmas party and whatever else comes along.
Raise a Glass to the future of the Toronto Maple Reefers! Peace.

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